About Us

The Coalition

Formed in May 2001 and incorporated in April 2005, the CyberKnife® Coalition (CKC) is a nonprofit [501(c)6] association. The Coalition members represent our cancer centers, physicians, and patients and are dedicated to educating the public and policymakers on the advancement of new cancer therapies, focusing on the challenges of demonstrating efficacy, safety and cost.

About Us

Our Focus

The CKC remains focused on important issues that impact the CyberKnife community and works to:

  • Advance positions on public policy issues and support changes needed to further patient access
  • Advocate for appropriate payment for hospitals and freestanding centers
  • Lead payer coverage efforts for key indications
  • Favorably position SBRT in the new payment models
  • Develop and organize responses to major evaluation body assessments and CMS proposals
  • Promote CyberKnife for the treatment of active duty military and veterans