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Our medical centers work together to get safe and effective new treatments to patients as quickly as possible. We believe that, in addition to the membership role of each organization, there is an opportunity for individual leadership and commitment by patients, physicians, administrators, entrepreneurs, regulators, payers, and policymakers as advocates for our patients to advance radiation therapy.

Membership Information

In an environment where the medical establishment has been slow to accept new technology and therapies, the patient plays an important role in driving the adoption of new therapies. As patients continue to hear about and understand new therapies that yield better health outcomes, their active participation in contributing their clinical data to research will accelerate the discovery and advancement of technology and therapies.

The Coalition has been working with regulatory agencies in re-evaluating the approval process for determining the clinical and economic utility of new technology.

The Coalition’s members have demonstrated that they can:

  • Lead the discussion on policies that impact coverage and payment
  • Help facilitate the discussion of the cost of care in determination of care decisions
  • Support the care decision process between the patient and the physician not dependent on coverage or reimbursement
  • Shift emphasis to support inclusion of new therapies within the healthcare system and professional societies
  • Emphasize the need for a clear and consistent coverage and reimbursement review and approval process
  • Lead the movement toward the use of registries to provide evidence of clinical and economic utility
  • Be a strong voice on Capitol Hill and at the Federal level representing our cancer centers, physicians and patients
  • Effectively change payment decisions at the MAC level