New CKC Member – First Dayton Cancer Care



Welcome to the CyberKnife® Coalition, First Dayton Cancer Care!

First Dayton Cancer Care in Dayton, OH broke ground in August 2011 for an expansion of its facility located at 2632 Woodman Center Court to make room for the new CyberKnife system.
With this new technology in place, First Dayton hopes that this will make it easier for local patients to have local access to this breakthrough treatment.
Dr. Edward Hughes, radiation oncologist and owner of First Dayton has played an active role in increasing patient access for a variety of cancer treatment options through reimbursement and policy development with the Medicare carrier in his area. First Dayton’s practice administrator is Mrs. Kathy Corbett.
First Dayton is scheduled to treat their first CyberKnife patient on February 1, 2012. They anticipate treating 125 patients in 2012 and 200 in 2013.
“Certainly with a CyberKnife, we distinguish ourselves loud and clear “, Hughes said in an interview with the Dayton Daily News*.
First Dayton Cancer Care invested $5 million on their new CyberKnife® system.
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