Prostate Cancer Registry Announcement

First Prostate Cancer Registry for Robotic Radiosurgery Patients Enrolls

More than 500 Men
Multi-Institutional Registry Supports Growing Body of Clinical Evidence for Radiosurgery as Effective Treatment Option for Early-Stage Prostate Cancer
MIAMI, September 29, 2011 –The CyberKnife Coalition announced today that more than 500
men treated with the CyberKnife Robotic Radiosurgery System® have now been enrolled in the
first national patient registry designed specifically to track prostate cancer patients treated with
stereotactic body radiation therapy. The multi-institutional Registry for Prostate Cancer
Radiosurgery (RPCR), tracks clinical and functional outcomes of men with localized prostate
cancer treated at academic and community based centers throughout the U.S.
Launched in July 2010, the RPCR is an independent IRB-approved observational trial registered
with designed to collect information that will be useful in determining the role of
radiosurgical treatment for patients with early-stage prostate cancer. In addition to tracking
clinical data the registry also collects patient selection and quality of life information, which will
be reported to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and local Medicare
“We’re excited to see such a positive response to the registry,” said Mark Perman, M.D.,
CyberKnife Coalition board member, co-founder of the RPCR and member of South Florida
Radiation Oncology. “The RPCR continues to grow rapidly and we are on track to have 20
centers participating by the end of this year. I anticipate that the registry will become a
mechanism for clinicians to measure the quality of the care they provide against a national
benchmark of community-based and academic radiosurgery centers and will help fill in the
evidence gaps pertaining to prostate radiation.”
Based on its strong belief in the need for the collection of clinical and patient-focused quality of
life data for the therapies we offer our patients, the CyberKnife Coalition encourages
participation of its membership to join the RPCR. The registry’s ability to track real world data
allows our members to make a meaningful contribution to the growing body of clinical research
and helps to fill evidence gaps across the entire field of radiation.
“With more than 500 patients now enrolled, the RPCR has taken a significant step in building
the most comprehensive data source on robotic radiosurgery for prostate cancer,” said Linda
Winger, president, the CyberKnife Coalition.
By participating in the registry, CyberKnife centers will be better equipped to help patients make
the best decision for their individual circumstances, a view that is shared by the Agency for
Healthcare Quality and Research who earlier this month published a patient guide entitled
‘Knowing your Treatment Options’, an overview of prostate cancer treatment options, that for
the first time included SBRT as an treatment option for men with localized prostate cancer.

CyberKnife Coalition
Formed in May 2003 as an informal organization of CyberKnife facilities and formally
incorporated in April 2005, the CyberKnife Coalition, Inc. (CKC) is a non-profit [501(c) 6]
association of hospitals and freestanding centers across the United States committed to
improving patient access to image-guided robotic stereotactic radiosurgery. The CKC
membership includes major academic institutions as well as community hospitals and clinics. All
CKC member centers offer image-guided robotic stereotactic radiosurgery to treat malignant
and benign tumors and other select disorders with high dose, precisely targeted radiation.