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The Coalition

The CyberKnife® Coalition (CKC) is a non-profit [501(c)] association of academic and community hospitals and freestanding centers across the United States committed to improving patient access to stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) and stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT).


All of our members offer image-guided SRS/SBRT to treat malignant and benign tumors and other select disorders with high dose, precisely targeted radiation.


The CKC has worked for many years with cancer centers, physicians, and patients to collect and develop data demonstrating the therapeutic, quality of life, and economic benefits of CyberKnife treatments.


The CKC is also the corporate member of the Registry for Prostate Cancer Radiosurgery (RPCR)  a multi-institutional, board-approved, prospective observational trial that tracks prostate cancer patient demographics, treatment specifics, outcomes, and payer information on a nationwide basis. The RPCR, established in 2009, which has now tracked outcomes on over 5,000 prostate SBRT patients, aims to improve quality of care and enhance prostate cancer patients’ access to SBRT.

Our Focus

The CKC remains focused on important issues that impact the CyberKnife® community and works to:

  • Advance positions on public policy issues and support changes needed to further patient access

  • Advocate for appropriate payment for hospitals and freestanding centers

  • Lead payer coverage efforts for key indications

  • Favorably position SBRT in the new payment models

  • Develop and organize responses to major evaluation body assessments and CMS proposals

  • Promote CyberKnife for the treatment of active duty military and veterans

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